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Taping Knives: Products

Durasoft Taping Knife

The stainless steel blade flexes just right for feathering but won’t take a set. The handle comes on both styles to provide a soft feel that reduces fatigue and offers excellent durability.

  • Comes with a Durasoft handle

  • Stainless steel sizes: Lengths range from 6"-20" with a 3" width


Narrow Taping Knife

The Narrow Taping Knives feature a tempered premium stainless steel blade with aluminum backing plate. The blade is tapered to make running corners easier and it flexes just right.

  • Stainless steel blade material

  • Comes with a DuraSoft® handle

  • Choose a 8", 12", 16", or a 20" blade length

narrow knife.jpg

QLT Broad Knife

Similar to a taping knife but has more flex, the Contractor-grade, QLT Broad Knife assists taping and seaming your drywall and creates quality joints. 

  • Lightweight aluminum handle

  • Rubber handle cap with hanger

  • More flex than a taping knife

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