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Smoothing Blades: Products

Tomahawk Smoothing Blades

With no plastic pieces, the Tomahawk doesn't snap under pressure. And because the blades use a Flat Box handle, there are no plastic adaptors that will break with the weight of the larger blades. This also increases the stability and your ability to adjust the angle of attack while in motion. 


  • 9 sizes: 7", 10", 12", 14", 18", 24", 32", 40" & 48".

  • Works with a Flat Box handle or use the CLTHA adaptor for the Columbia One handle.

  • Interchangeable blades - keep the body, switch out blade when damaged or worn.

  • Billet machined in our state of the art facility in Canada.



 The quick release allows you to easily and steadily adjust the angle of attack. The Columbia Tomahawk, combined the Tomalock and the Columbia One Handle, will change what the industry expects from a professional grade Smoothing Blade.


  • Handle adaptor that allows the user to utilize the Columbia One Handle system with the Tomahawk Smoothing Blades.

  • No plastic parts.

  • Quick release allows ease of angle adjustment.

  • Billet machined in our state of the art facility in Canada.

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