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Can-Am: Products

Finishing Heads

Featuring Gold Anodized Runners with inline wheels, these premium Corner Finishers are designed to wipe, feather, and finish both sides of an inside 90° angle in a single pass, with little need for cleanup or sanding.  

- Comes in standard edition (no wheels) and Glide addition. 

- Typically used after taping, for application of a second or finish coat, this is one of the best tools for drywall projects


Applicator Heads

We carry a variety of Can-Am applicator heads including but not limited to: 

- Flat applicator head 

- GoldCor inside corner applicator

- 2 wheel inside corner applicator

- Bead applicator


Compound Tubes

Our famous Compound Tube now features a steel applicator tip! This long-lasting applicator tip now has a wider opening, allowing for quicker and easier filling and application, reducing shoulder strain.

  • Highly efficient — applies mud many times faster than by hand, with less effort

  • Affordable — fraction of the cost of an auto taper and no pump required

  • Lightweight & Ergonomic — when holding it above your head for several hours a day, this makes a huge difference

  • Easy to setup and clean — show up and get going–just a couple strokes with water and it’s clean; perfect for small to mid-sized jobs

  • Minimal maintenance — no messing around with chains, gears, springs and other intricate parts

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